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Japanese Cedar
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Japanese Cedar
Latin name: Cryptomeria japonica (l. f. d. Don)
Cupressaceae plants in the pine doors, the original classification in sancho, is endemic to Japan. As the important afforestation tree species in Japan.
Evergreen trees, in the country of origin is as high as 40 meters, diameter at breast height can reach more than 2 meters; Bark reddish brown, fibrous, it like light resistance to Yin, happy event is warm and humid climate, hardy, and high temperature heat, avoid drought. Optimum was born in the deep, fertile, drainage good sandy loam, roots when water easy to rot. Of sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases than Japanese cedar stronger absorption ability.

Cryptomeria contains enzymes, heartwood pink, sapwood nearly white, with the smell of the fragrance, red brown color and light and strong features, and have certain waterproof ability and resistant to decay. Easy construction, for buildings, Bridges, ships, furniture and other material.

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